What do you imagine when you hear “Japan”?
High technology? Clean? Hardworking? safety?
Most of them are correct.
However, this must be explained with the word “correct, but …”.


High technology:
Japan has scarce natural resources, and economic development has been achieved by exporting high-quality products using high technology.

However, high technology often means high cost.

And this has been said for a long time, but is said to be better at “improving something and making it better” than “creating something from scratch”.

Japan is undoubtedly a high technology country.
However, from the point of view of invention, it cannot always be said that it is the best in the world.

The incidence of serious crimes such as murder, robbery and rape is low.

On the other hand, it is felt that the crime rate in areas such as harassment in schools and harassment in public transportation is not necessarily low.

Since Japan is tolerant of drinking, violence by drunken humans is often a problem. And unfortunately, there are so many voyeurs for sexual purposes.

Most of the sound taken by smartphones cannot be muted with models sold in Japan. It is said that this is to prevent peeping photo.

This is definitely hitting. For example, Japan is one of the few countries where tap water can be drunk.
And there are many opportunities here to develop and sell products to keep that clean.

In fact, there are pros and cons. It’s too hard to work, so long working hours are a problem.
They also contradict that, despite working long hours, productivity is not always high.
In Japan (although it has changed a lot recently), the value of the absolute imperative of a company order and the need to maintain loyalty to the company in any case is stressing many Japanese.
When asked if they are diligent at work, this is true for most Japanese.

Because it is a natural society, the tolerance for services is extremely high.


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