MegINT is service to provide support for the propriety about the possibilities and branch establishment of its business before the overseas company to start activities.


When you will start your business from your country to overseas, we will support any kind of requirement activities; market research, initial business development, and more.


Sometime, typical startup consultant services require very expensive service fees. MegINT will introduce “cost cuts” more than usual prices significantly.

Your pathfinder

In your destination

MegINT is a service to provide support for the propriety about the possibilities and branch installation of its business before the overseas company to start activities from your country to overseas.

MegINT is focused on the following situations;

Want to set up a business for international, but …

  • Limited budget.
  • Indistinct company solutions possibility of accepted in overseas.
  • Does not know about Japan market feeling.
  • Heavy burden for start up.
  • Difficult for searching first working people.

Although that start up the business in Japan it has been determined, but…

  • Really want to explore one of the possibilities to succeed in overseas.
  • Want to ensure the human resources, but do not know how do I find.
  • Want to dispatch the boot-up member from the headquarter, but no members.

To serve and support for overseas company with our experience and knowledge,

this is the MegINT.

Optimized One-stop solution

Concentration for your business focus

MegINT is really ambitious and comprehensive business start-up support service in overseas.
It may be difficult to find suitable local contact persons or agents, when your company is planning to advance into overseas.
Because in another country from your country, different commercial customs, different laws, different market, and different scope with global standard.
MegINT will introduce any kind of subjects concerned with the essential preparation to start-up your company business in overseas.

  • Market research of your company’s product and service and provide fittable information and business customs
  • Adaptbility investigation on your solutions or products for target’s country domestic
  • Boot-up office or real estate searching
  • Hiring support (1st interview proxy service)
  • Another miscellaneous subjects

If they come in contact with each other to promote them, not only cost problem but also possibility of missed communication.
MegINT will serve to you as a one-stop solution to build up your business in overseas.

MegINT will serve to you as a one-stop solution to build up your business in overseas.

Reliable and accuracy actions

Only coverage effective domains

MegINT is served by over 15 years IT head working experience member.All members who are in charge for MegINT, and know how to get require for the launch of the company in every countries, not only the procedure but also technique .

And Megalith IT Alliance has so many connection to investigate any kind of Japanese market just like…

  • Advertising agency include TV commercial buying.
  • Lawers group who has strong skill for high-technology.
  • Editors who are joining for SNS buzz marketing.
  • Engineer and integrators who knows usable fingertips.

If your company want to know and get information which are concerned with your business start up in overseas, you have to ask and rely on so many company and contact person in the target country. But if you don’t know “Who’s who”, it might be take a long road to reach out the right way.

MegINT will escort you on the short cut for your business in overseas and turn a switch to “get ready”.

Overwhelming cost performance

for your ideal take-off

If you will plan to establish the overseas’ branch in the first, the cost risk is not so cheap. Labor costs, office cost, social insurance, tax and so more. The cost problem is the most difficult things to start up the business in overseas.
MegINT will contribute and solve your company’s cost problem, and possible to start so smoothly.
It includes the following service package, but it’s negotiable.

  • Visit to HQ to contract the first of the month, for research your company’s intention and solutions in the target country.
  • Target country’s market research on the possibility of your solutions, and research on Japanese laws and regulations compatible with your solutions.
  • Daily e-mail by the report, the meeting by the Weekly of Skype, and selection as well as the contract agency of the office, etc. at the time of entry into international decision.
  • Legal establishment support at the time of target country’s Incorporation.
  • Recruit interview for the Japanese to be the first in employment in target country’s corporation.
  • Visit to HQ in each quarter, detailed progress reports and course correction

*Actual expenses (application fee, transportation fee, etc.) will be charged.

Please compare our reasonable fee with the case of establishment your company’s overseas’ branch, or your service rely on the overseas’ local agent.We will introduce your company’s the PERFECT start up in the world.

Real success factor – the MegINT.


Every “INT” are included for “MegINT”, it’s the key success factor for your business start-up in the world.

This is the MegINT.