MegBRIDGE is the brokeage service, between customer company who is searching software developer, and ICT development company who is searching customers.


We have the database-matching system between customers and developers. It brings accurately matches with terms each other.


You can reach out so hard from far away to customers, but MegBRIDGE will be able to tie up quickly, accurately, good feeling with ideal conditions.

Reach out to developer or customers easily.

  • Want to start the offshore development, but don’t know how to contact.
  • Cannot reach out international customer with your company’s strongest point.
  • Want to spread your company name in the world but very few advertising fee.
  • Unclear the brokerage fee.
  • Having a complain for current brokerage service.

Offshore development requests are very attractive from your country.
But so many reasons are there, just a little difficult to make a communication with international customer/development company.
Megalith IT Alliance powered these revolutionary offshore brokerage service “MegBRIDGE” bring to your company that easy contact and take a chance to start up the offshore business to the world.

Yes, it is really bridge.
Megalith IT Alliance throws a bridge across your country to the world.

CRM database control

Each company has the strongest point.

MegBRIDGE realize and categorize that your company’s technology domain clearly, then resist our database.
Megalith IT Alliance does not think that so many company in the world are the same.

Regarding as not only the preset categorized sheet function, but also phone or face-to-face meeting in detail, culture, and your company’s further target.
Your company is never “one of them” just like catalog-listed company.

We strong believe that the potential international company are waiting your company’s potential.

Perfect match with your demands

If your company think to contact, marketing, advertising to / in international market, it is very difficult to operate… not so easy.
At least your company have to find out agent in the world.
But, yes you can imagine so easily… too much expensive.

MegBRIDGE is serve so simple solution to you.

You will apply us, and input our database about your company information.For example, JAVA development skill very high, so many experience iOS application development, etc…
When the Japanese potential-customer will try to search their suitable offshore development, they will contact to Megalith IT Alliance.

We, the Megalith IT Alliance search our database, then if you fit skill set, we will contact your company ASAP.

Free registration

No payment until actual contract tied with your customer

Are you worring about commision?
well don’t worry about it.

Our business procedure is not receive any fee from software company and Japanese ordered company.
We will received 5 to 10% fee of the contract price, after your company and Japanese company will contract.
But it is free of charge for MegBRIDGE registraion.

We want to introduce so many company… yes your company too.

Consolidated bridge between your country and globe

Megalith IT Alliance will serve coordination “the bridge” between your company and international company as alliance, this is the axiomatic our mission.

The way of what is comes true.

This is the MegBRIDGE.