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What does "Megalith IT Alliance" mean?

"Megalith" means "the acient big stone monument". There were build for religinonal purpose and/or milestone.

We think and want to be this company as "milestone", and whichever meaning everything.

Could you explain that NOT covered functions for MegINT?

Currently, we don't have a license for paid employment placement business.

Therefore, if your company has a plan to hire in Japan, we will introduce another licensed agents in Japan.

But all of negotiation with local licensed agents, Megalith IT Alliance will talk with them, instead of your company.

And we will be able to accept the 1st interview with candidates in Japan.

If our network will be find out so suitable candidate, not use agents, it is pretty good.

Could you explain about the most valuable point of MegBRIDGE?

Database accuately matching.

But we have the way to understand about your company, not only database but also any kind of meetings with your company.

We ask your company's circumstances and request to fulfill the MegBRIDGE's registration form.

Then when the potential customer will inqure us, we will be introduce with well understood about your company's profile.

Your company is NOT "one of them", yes we know.

When offer's conflict with another competitor, how about the procedure to make a decision in Megalith IT Alliance?

When we receive request to match in MegBRIDGE, it may be possible to find out so many offshore company.

But we will make a desicion fairly and exactly.

The reason why we have database and cooperative registration form, all for fair matching.

Don't worry about it, if your company has characteristic skills and has a confident, our database says answers collectly.

Do we need request to Megalith IT Alliance to make a communication with Japanese customer in another case?

No, there is not.

MegBRIDGE is merely a trigger for asking offshore development to the overseas company for the first matter to the last.

Therefore, MegBRIDGE that your company is helping to build ongoing business relationship with its customer in Japan.

It is meaningful to receive 5% of development contract fee.

However, considering the development of your company afterwards, we may also develop consulting services that are one step further, such as MegINT.

When I visit your website on October, color scheme is pink. What is meaning?

We support the "Pink Ribbon Movement" campaign to eradicate breast cancer.

Same campaigns are being held around the world as a Pink Ribbon campaign in every October.

Our representative lost his mother by breast cancer.

Early discovery could potentially be saved, but he could not do that and I really felt sad feelings.
There are also many women among those who are cooperating with us.

Breast cancer is relatively easy to detect at an early stage and is one of the cancers that can be eradicated by early treatment.

When meeting with our company representative, you can see the badge of the Pink Ribbon movement at his jacket.

I would be pleased if you could understand it.

Do you have hiring plan now?

We don't have any hiring plan at this time.

Could you explain about your company's information security policy?

We are sorry but we can not answer any details.

However, with respect to members of the Megalith IT Alliance (including outside partners), we strictly adhere to the following items, and strict penalties including disciplinary dismissal are stipulated by internal regulations for those who violated.

· All customer's personal information and corporate information are stored in a safe server within their company, and access is severely restricted by occupation / position.
· For IT equipment used by our company, apply effective security measures to all, and use only the equipment that has been confirmed to the maximum degree of safety within the range that can be taken.
· Information recorded on so-called paper is kept locked in a safe place within the company, and regularly (about quarter to one month or so) about discard documents bymelt-disposal on the designated trader.

Who is drawing illustration on the introduction movies?

We are asking illustration which are putting on movies;
Ms. Rei Yamada, the Japanese famous cartoonist.

As for Rei's artwork, we can feel the potential of a strong-willed human.
It was perfectly consistent with our philosophy, so we made a request to Rei.


Twitter (@narusawakun)

Who is appearing in the English version company introduction?

We are asking English narration to;
Ms. Shu Uchida, a member of "Stray Cats / CaliCom".

Shu has characterized by excellent English language skills and a pretty (but persuasive) voice. We trust that skill.

She has been attending to our English narration since December 2016.

Introduction from her agency

Twitter (@uchida_shu0524)

Who is appearing in the Japanese version company introduction?

We are asking Japanese narration to;
Ms. Juri Nagatsuma, a member of "Raccoon Dog".

Juri has middle-tone voice with ideal Japanese pronunciation, and we really trust her tremendous expressive ability.

She has been attending to our Japanese narration since November 2017.

Introduction from her agency

Twitter (@nagatsumajuri)