MegVIEW is the IT strategy consulting service for Japan's domestic small and medium size company.

Basically we provide for Japanese company, but also it is available to serve for your company's Japanese branch.


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Especially focused on decision making about local IT

When overseas company are operating Japanese branch and / or representative office, the local IT organization build up deployment internal section tends to set for the last.

But it is not so good to seperate IT section from your company's global strategy, because your company's all branches connecting each other.

System deployment, IT sercurity, software license control, capital expenditure for IT equipment...IT strategy which is build from headquarter, should be connect as seamless.

MegVIEW will cover and patch your Japanese branch's IT strategy even if your company has not assigned IT manager in Japan.


Fit and flexible for your company's growth stage

Before local IT manager hiring, please compare with MegVIEW.

MegVIEW is perfectly acting local IT manager's functions.

If your company already assign IT members to local office, the effectivity is getting more better.

In each company's stage, you have to make a decision to hire or not for IT management person.

Basically there are no need to hire, but some case is needed; ERP and another global system deployment, and more case.

It may be a difficult local vendor control from your headquarter to Japan directly, but MegVIEW will also cover it.

We will support your local branch until your company will hire local IT manager.


Effective cost performance.

We bring the lower cost with MegVIEW when your company hire the IT local manager.

Everone knows that it needs to assign IT management level people to local office due to take control internal IT and local vendor management, but it costs often goes high.

MegVIEW will be able to provide any subject of local IT management demands, with effective cost.

Please give us your inquiry and talk about your company's current situation.

We will make a quotation for service plan and cost.

MegVIEW - for your continuously IT strategy.

Your headquarter and local office have to think about continuously IT strategy.

But sometime, it is impossible due to cost and another kind of reason.

MegVIEW is effectually "short relief" for your global IT strategy.


This is the MegVIEW.